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The Jamie M. McElearney Memorial Foundation is a 

501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization dedicated

to helping families with children who have physical

disabilities and/or complex medical conditions enjoy

family vacations by working to eliminate financial

and accessibility barriers to travel.


Check out the creative ways the following groups of people chose to honor special people/events by making donations to the Foundation:


The Foundation would like to thank the Touchdown Club of Arlington for their generous donation in recognition of the dedicated service of their outgoing President, John Lordan, Jamie's uncle. 

Special thanks to the Reynold's family who chose to honor their father, Tom Reynold's, memory by requesting memorial donations be made to the Foundation. Mr. Reynolds was always so kind and loving to Jamie and was a big supporter of the mission and fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 11.25.55 AM.jpg

Thank you to those family and friends who chose to acknowledge the marriage of Al Sharpe and Jean McElearney (Jamie's mom) by making a donation to the Foundation. 

Is there a special person in your life, or a special event coming up, that you would like to recognize in a special way? Consider donations to The Jamie M McElearney Memorial Foundation. Donations can be made through the website,  or by

Venmo at @jmmmf

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