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We didn't realize we were making memories.......
                             we just knew we were having fun!

Jamie's Story

    When Jamie was born in March, 1998, a traumatic brain injury left her with profound physical and intellectual disabilities. and she was given a very poor prognosis. Doctors predicted she would experience little quality of life. She would never walk or talk , would need total assistance,  would require 24/7 medical care and constant monitoring for seizures, aspirations, and respiratory issues.. They prepared her family for a life filled with medical appointments, emergencies, and hospitalizations and believed it was unlikely she would live more than a year. But they didn't know Jamie, and they didn't know Jamie's family. Jamie passed away in March, 2021 at the age of 23. Yes, there were emergencies, hospitalizations, and too many appointments to count, but her life was so much more than that. Jamie was the happiest girl and her smile touched so many hearts.  She was surrounded by the most amazing family and friends and was part of everything they did celebrations, birthday parties, graduations, countless other gatherings and events, and, of course, family vacations. Jamie's "adventures" included trips to Cape Cod, Disney, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. She visited over 25 US states and Canada while traveling in her family's motorhome. Jamie's family admits that while preparing for and participating in these trips was not easy, it was always worth it. She loved traveling and her family loved sharing these experiences  with her. The memories they made will be a part of all of them forever.  The opportunities to spend time with and travel with family afforded her a quality of life no one could have predicted and allowed her to enjoy 23 years of optimal health and happiness.

The Foundation

   The Jamie M. McElearney Memorial Foundation has been formed to carry on Jamie's legacy by helping other families enjoy the experience of traveling together.  We know that this is often very difficult for families who are raising children with disabilities and/or complex medical issues. These families may lack proper equipment or supplies or may require a nurse to accompany them. Since many are already facing increased costs in raising a child with special needs, spending money on a vacation is often the least of their priorities. The Foundation will work to raise money that will be used to help families overcome some of the obstacles that prevent them from experiencing the benefits of traveling together as a family. 

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